Hunting Association "Perjanica" from Mokrin keeps great bustard populations in their environment save since 70's. Official activities of the organization, as guardian of the Special Nature Reserve "Pastures of great bustard", starts in 1997. By the end of the twentieth century, the main activities were the preservation of species and habitats , monitoring and labeling of the reserve. Since 2004, the guardian applies to projects of the Provincial Secretariat for Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development, as well as with the competent Ministry, and conducts project activities such as:

  • actively keeping and monitoring populations of great bustard in breeding period, both in the reserve and beyond,
  • winter nutrition of the great bustard, planting canola, takeing out the silage and shoveling snow,
  • winter counts of great bustards,
  • revitalization of habitats ,
  • promotion and popularization of the natural values ​​of the reserve and the need for their conservation.

The expand of reserve, especially adding remote sub-groups, such as Sigeta and Kočovat, rises problems above local managing scale. The current controller had many challenges fit in accordance with their capabilities, but with evident professional, technical , financial and organizational difficulties.

Association for Protection of Great Bustard believes that management should be significantly improved, especially in the formal, personnel and organizational terms, the mandatory involvement of at least one qualified person.