14. February in Mokrin, a meeting was held devoted to the current state of the Special Nature Reserve "Pastures of great bustard" and possibilities for improving the management and protection of population of Great Bustard in the future.

The meeting was attended by representatives of the Ministry of Natural Resources, Mining and Spatial Planning, Provincial Department of Planning, Building and Environmental protection, Provincial Institute for Nature Protection, Kikinda municipality, local communitie of Mokrin, manager of SNR "Pastures of great bustard" - HA "Perjanica" as well as representatives of the Association for the protection of great bustard.

Provincial Secretary Slobodan Puzović held an opening statement, and then followed the presentation of the participants. All participants emphasized the undeniable importance of SNR "Pastures of great bustard" and the great bustard - the largest values ​​of the reserve. Also was highlighted the danger that the only great bustard population in Serbia can be lost and that the changes are necessary to turn a tendency of decreasing number of individuals of great bustard in the other direction.

After the presentation the participants followed a constructive discussion in which participants explained the existing problems and proposed solutions for conservation of the reserve and great bustard. Participants of the meeting were unanimous in their view that the problem has grown way past management and that there is the need to join forces to realize the "Project Rescue" of great bustard. Teamwork and collaborative approach to management, inclusion of everyone which are essential and which can help protect the great bustard is the only way to change current state for better.

Financing is one of the most important aspects of management, necessary to be provided from different sources. The idea of ​​sustainability reserve, the use of resources of the reserve to gain income from which would be funded protection of the reserve, could be the main source of finance. Then there are local and international projects that are gaining increasing importance in Serbia which is on the road to European integration.

In conclusion of the meeting it was pointed out that the solution is in young and professional people. It is expected that the Association for the protection of great bustard and HA "Perjanica" join forces and come up with concrete proposals for future cooperation on the protection of the reserve and the great bustard. In addition, the ministry is expected to engage in the adoption of the Regulation on the extension of the reserve which would solve formal and legal concerns about the protection and management of the reserve.

As mentioned by the one of the representatives of the Ministry, it is good that things are forged while hot. It is expected to quickly find the necessary solutions, otherwise, the disappearance of the great bustard in the region is inevitable.