Körös-Maros National Park located in the southeastern part of Hungary, is a haven for 1,200 individuals of Great Bustard.

During the visit, on 6th and 7th of December 2013. we were housed in the Visitors Center of National Park, which consists of educational facilities and in addition it has a large accommodation capacity. During the tour we also saw a part of the Park that is not open to the public. There are facilities that are used for hatching of the eggs that were collected from the field because of the threatening factors. Young birds are ringed and in late autumn they are released into the wild. Since some individuals are not able to live in the wild, they remain within the complex where people take care of them.

As a form of self-sufficiency, National Park is doing extensive grazing by Podolian cattle.

We spent two days with the main zoologist and ranger in the park. They conveyed us with their long experience in conservation of the great bustard. They gave us lots of advice and instruction, took us to the field and then shown us how it all works in practice.