Society for the Study and Protection of birds of Serbia organized the training for international waterbird census on 30.11.2013. and 01.12.2013. in Sremski Karlovci. 

The event was attended by many professional ornithologists and bird lovers, among whom were the members of our association. On the first day of the training was held an all-day series of lectures which were presented by national and international speakers, also an international database was presented and at the end of lectures the training for recognition of species was held. During the training, participants were given images from which they were to recognize species and counte them, also they were given audio recordings of bird songs from which they were also able to recognize some of the species.

The second day was organized visit to the Special Nature Reserve "Slano Kopovo", where the participants during the visit to the reserve could see in practice how the counting is done. The host took everyone on tour of the reserve all the way to the watch tower near the lake, there is a very nice view of the water and the large number of birds that happened to be there. Also large number of cranes arrived there, they stay overnight there. Night was slowly setting down and the visit was coming to an end.